Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Did I say we weren't going to school...??

So three weeks into the school year, our oldest son Mack, states that he wants to return to school. Then, our second oldest son follows suit. Then, the requests to return don't stop. We meet with the principal, who lays the entire day out including the 1 hour spent on math everyday, and you couldn't get my boys to sign on the dotted line to return fast enough. So, just like that-my boys are in 1st and 4th grade.

The first week was tough. Lots of emotions running through me (and I think only me). Sadness: an era is over. Regret: I didn't do enough. Fear: I should have made them sit and do more worksheets. Guilt: I wasn't a good enough teacher. Curious: I wonder how this will all turn out. Excitement: Maybe everyone will adjust and this will just be the right time to return. Maybe, I'll have more time with my littlest guy Joe who's 2 1/2. Maybe I'll be able to keep the house cleaner. Maybe I'll be able to spend more time on my business. Maybe, I'll... miss... them. It was a tough weekend.

Monday rolled along and I promised myself that SuperMom had to show up and do everything that a supermom would do if her kids were going to school. I filled out papers, I made phone calls, I organized my calendar. I was ready for my boys.

Then, Zola decided that she wants to return. Thank goodness there were a few days between our boys deciding to return and Zola wanting to return. We filled out paperwork and just like that-she's a 5th grader.

The boys have adjusted quite well and Zola is on her path. Everyone is working hard and the school has been phenomenal. Seriously, phenomenal. Patient with their new students and the new students parents.

And so, a new chapter at the Regele house begins...