Wednesday, September 1, 2010

You are invited to our party

So yet another "Not back to school year" has begun. Sometimes, I think that phrase makes us seem like we don't agree with most of the world that is attending school but really, it's not true. We have just found a lifestyle that really works for us...for now. We continue to re-evaulate if someone wants to try school again and some of my kids have begum to contemplate whether they would like to try it out.

Admittedly though, this time of year has always felt a bit awkward since we began homeschooling. Everyone (so it seems) is buying cool new school supplies and talking about which teacher they have (for better of for worse) and you can just feel a buzz in the air for the new schedules that are about to begin. It kind of feels like everyone else was invited to the party except you. I know, we made a decision to homeschool, if you don't like it, you should send your kids back, of course you should send them back...blah, blah, blah, blah, the voice in my head says. And then, just when I have a flicker inside my head that feels like the outsider, we have something really hands on amazingly cool that happens and I remember why we have chosen and have been sticking to our path to homeschool so far. Please don't get me wrong, kids attending school have awesome hands on experiences as well-this is just all about little ole me needing some positive affirmations/sign/throw a bone my way post.

Tonight, was no exception. I was driving home from the mammoth dig for needed items from Costco when we drove into our neighborhood and saw salamanders and frogs jumping and slithering everywhere. My boys asked excitedly-"can we go on a frog walk when we get home?" I said yes but kept thinking of all the things I needed to still get done before I turned into a pumpkin. We unloaded the car as quickly as we could and tried to maneuver which parental chaperone should accompany the boys on the frog walk at 9:30pm. I kept unloading and was trying to sneak away to my enormous pile of laundry, paperwork, blogging, crafting, etc when I remembered how fantastic these "frog" walks have always been. Even our 10 1/2 year old Zola was becoming interested (just when I thought slimy creatures had become passe). So, off all 6 of us went, equipped with flashlights and old Reba (the digital SLR I received for too many holidays/celebrations to mention) to find frogs and salamanders.

And, as always, we had a terrific time and had our own little party. By the way, you're always invited to our "frog walk" parties but just be sure to bring those new school supplies that I'm still such a sucker for buying.

P.S: We are making a special school supply trip tomorrow. For mom perhaps or kids? Bottom line-I think we'll all be excited. Who wouldn't be about new erasers and pencils?

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