Friday, February 5, 2010

The Natural Process

After we started home schooling, we pulled away from signing up our kids for numerous activities. I would get pangs of guilt mixed with anxiety when I would over hear other parents (home schooled and not home schooled) talking about running their children to different classes (music, foreign language, gymnastics, sports, art...) Yet, whenever I asked my kids if they wanted to sign up for any classes, their response was always "no". Now, I am thrilled that my kids (on their own) are asking to take some classes. I think that I am most excited because they are finding interests of their own that they are genuinely (without bribery or threats on my part) wanting to try on. Don't get me wrong, I don't know which method is the best (introduce a child and they might like the activity-how will he or she know unless exposed to the activity? vs. wait until he or she picks their own interests) I just know that we couldn't continue to invest in classes that involved us bribing or threatening in order for our kids to attend regularly. It also put a very unrewarding dent in our checking account.

So, currently at our house, I have a young man taking fencing lessons and a young lady taking horse back riding lessons. On the horizon, I see electric guitar lessons and bongo lessons-oh and ramen noodles and ear plugs.

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