Saturday, February 13, 2010

Get to go to Gatto!

I am thrilled! I have been trying to get a ticket to the Unschooling Conference for a few weeks and earlier today, I received a call that there was a cancellation. One of the first home schooling, un schooling boks I ever read (even before we took our daughter out of kindergarten) was John Gatto's Dumbing Us Down. After much deliberation, and reading his book and John Holt, the deal was sealed. The philosophies from the books still resonate in me when I feel myself getting tugged into questioning our decision to home school. You know when you read something and it hits your inner core? That's Gatto & Holt for me. So, as you might suspect, I'm really excited to have this opportunity to hear him tomorrow. I'm also happy that I get to be immersed in the energy with other home schoolers. It will be a terrific day and some day, my son will learn to read Gatto the right side up.

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