Monday, December 7, 2009

My Birthday twins.

December 3rd is quite a day at our house. My oldest (and only daughter) shares a birthday with my second oldest son. Here's a picture of my dynamic duo. All through my pregnancy with my son, (born after my daughter) I kept saying to myself , my OB/GYN and my son in utero "any day but December 3rd" you can be born. Then, after a double birthday party on December 2nd at Chucky Cheese ( with my daughter's dear friend who celebrates her birthday December 8th) I arrived home and my water broke. I remember looking at my watch and thinking-what the hell do I tell my daughter who's official birthday is only a couple hours away? I thought fast and told her that her little brother wanted to see her on her birthday. Honoring two amazing people on one day (not to mention that my sister,another amazing gorgeous person, has a birthday on December 3rd as well!) is a tough act. My sympathy goes out to those mom's with twins! We have ended up (in the past & present) celebrating as a duo with family and then having fairly simple parties with friends. The entire few days leaves Ma & Pa in the exhausted category but well worth it. We sure think you're awesome Zola & Fisher.

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