Friday, December 25, 2009

Her name is Rheba the Rebel

I'd like to tell you about Rheba, the new addition to our family. She's the Canon camera I have been pining after for quite some time. I've been stumbling through some of the technical aspects of owning a new digital SLR but loving every minute of it. You see, we're entering a new era over here at the Regele house. Our little guy Joe was the last of the Regele babies. So, in a way the purchase of my new camera was a beautiful transition from the end of an era into a beginning of a new era. Let's face it, having one or four babies leaves us without much time for much besides the basics. But when that moment arrives when we can look away for a milli second to focus on something else besides parenting, it can be filled with a bit of melancholy yet freeing at the same time. So, I've decided that my milli seconds will be filled up using Rheba (my new baby) for hopefully taking great photos that capture my other 4 beautiful babies. May your holiday be peaceful and may your New Year be filled with multiple milli seconds of artistic self expression. Cheers!

1 comment:

  1. how cute - such a good idea to name it. We have no such right brain-ed-ness at our house. But I love it!