Tuesday, December 29, 2009

4 kids, 2 dogs, 2 cats, a hedgehog and 13 years.

13 years ago today, I married the love of my life. The one who listens when I just need someone to listen, who makes me laugh when I really just need to laugh and who says just the right thing when I really need it. Getting married on December 28th lent itself to beautiful boughs of evergreens and winter white snow. However, the reality is that by the time December 28th rolls around, we are sleep, money and appetite deprived. The very thought of eating out for dinner just makes my waistband stretch out even more on my comfy lounging pants. ( I know what you're thinking-there's another name for these kind of pants.) And we're so tired from all of the holiday rush (2 children with Dec. 3rd birthdays and mine on the 15th) that we'd gladly pay a babysitter so we could take a nap instead of going out. So, we did have a delicious steak dinner (off the grill) with garlic smashed potatoes-thanks to my husband. Both of us gave each other the "ok" for not having cards and we vowed that we need to celebrate our first date (thankfully in June) instead of our wedding date. I did however have one thing to give to David: I found a beautiful poem by Elizabeth Barrett Browning (please see above) that I feel like still describes how I feel when I'm with him. Can you imagine reading that poem written to you in a love letter years ago? Or imagine hearing your soul mate read it to you so long ago? The pathetic thing about my delivery of the poem though is that I had to eat an entire dark chocolate raspberry bar to find it on the inside wrapper. Now that, is true blue love!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Her name is Rheba the Rebel

I'd like to tell you about Rheba, the new addition to our family. She's the Canon camera I have been pining after for quite some time. I've been stumbling through some of the technical aspects of owning a new digital SLR but loving every minute of it. You see, we're entering a new era over here at the Regele house. Our little guy Joe was the last of the Regele babies. So, in a way the purchase of my new camera was a beautiful transition from the end of an era into a beginning of a new era. Let's face it, having one or four babies leaves us without much time for much besides the basics. But when that moment arrives when we can look away for a milli second to focus on something else besides parenting, it can be filled with a bit of melancholy yet freeing at the same time. So, I've decided that my milli seconds will be filled up using Rheba (my new baby) for hopefully taking great photos that capture my other 4 beautiful babies. May your holiday be peaceful and may your New Year be filled with multiple milli seconds of artistic self expression. Cheers!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

They say it's your birthday!

My Objet Detritus of the day-a birthday banner straight out of the '80's
I appliqued (by machine) some vintage fabric pieces over the original.
The finished project.
A family birthday banner! I hope to add buttons and embroider our name and birth dates to finish up the upcycled '80's banner.

Today is my day! My Birthday. I'm headed off to Sundara Spa with my mom (who has graciously treated me for the past 3 years) for an overnight. My husband has also so graciously taken 2 days off of work each year to be with our kids so that I can relax. The 2 days away ends up being more like my New Year's Eve in regards to the time I have to reflect on everything and tweak things to how I would like them to be. One of the biggest decisions I have made in the past, while on my introspective retreat was to home school our daughter. Looking back, it was one of the boldest decisions I have made but that I do not regret. So, off I go tomorrow to ponder life while I rest my 39 year old body in a warm tub of bubbles.

Friday, December 11, 2009

A red suitcase and no place to go

I couldn't resist this. Amongst the chaos that was exploding in our house, I looked over to find that the red suitcase I had acquired on a recent thrift trip had been opened. For a brief moment, I wondered how/who/why it was opened but then started onto the next moment. After a bit, I noticed our big Beagle Lou-he had found himself the perfect place- along with our littlest guy Joe.

Monday, December 7, 2009

My Birthday twins.

December 3rd is quite a day at our house. My oldest (and only daughter) shares a birthday with my second oldest son. Here's a picture of my dynamic duo. All through my pregnancy with my son, (born after my daughter) I kept saying to myself , my OB/GYN and my son in utero "any day but December 3rd" you can be born. Then, after a double birthday party on December 2nd at Chucky Cheese ( with my daughter's dear friend who celebrates her birthday December 8th) I arrived home and my water broke. I remember looking at my watch and thinking-what the hell do I tell my daughter who's official birthday is only a couple hours away? I thought fast and told her that her little brother wanted to see her on her birthday. Honoring two amazing people on one day (not to mention that my sister,another amazing gorgeous person, has a birthday on December 3rd as well!) is a tough act. My sympathy goes out to those mom's with twins! We have ended up (in the past & present) celebrating as a duo with family and then having fairly simple parties with friends. The entire few days leaves Ma & Pa in the exhausted category but well worth it. We sure think you're awesome Zola & Fisher.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Successful Craftacular

My daughter, me and my crafting sister Anastasia post Craftacular.

Thanks to all my friends that took time out of their busy schedules to stop by the Craftacular last weekend. I can't tell you how wonderful it was to see familiar friendly faces and to have moral support. We had so much fun and had great success. Thank you, thank you, thank you!