Monday, November 9, 2009

Me, wearing the fabulous scarf my friend made for me last year.

I missed my dear friend's birthday today. I missed calling her. I missed sending her a gift as we have done since she moved 2 years ago. She has been my "go to" friend, my "I could tell anything to, even if it was through a glass window in prison and she would still be there" friend.
Happy Birthday my dear dear friend and your gift is on its way.

Like so many things in our house, sometimes the important things get lost in the shuffle. I love that our house is busy, full of life busy, most of the time. Yet, I just remembered that we have a dead bird in a ziplock bag in our freezer and a butterfly habitat that needs to be dismantled. (Sadly, Kevin, the monarch butterfly died) Since we declared that we were slightly interested in wildlife rehabilitation , it seems like we've had an onslaught of creatures finding their way into our life. I'm starting to think that we need to dedicate our vegetable garden to a cemetery for the little creatures.

In the homeschool arena, we are thrilled to learn that another family that home schools has just moved into our neighborhood. Nothing could be better then learning that the boy who only lives a 1/2 a block away, loves Nerf guns. My boys have had a blast meeting a new friend over the weekend. We also received our dissection kits today. The reaction to seeing the specimens was mixed-from fascination to grossed out. Tomorrow we'll start with owl pellet dissection. The afternoon will probably bring Nerf gun modification.

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