Thursday, November 19, 2009

Crafting and Shooting

The days lately have been filled with a lot of crafting. Any spare moment I have had has been spent on trying to piece together the ideas I have for the upcoming Craftacular. (Stop by & visit The French Made -would love to see you!) My kids have caught the crafting fever as well. My crafting space has amebaed it's way across our finished basement. It is so exciting to see how they have each found their own way to creatively express themselves. Zola is making funky earrings and pins with miniature plastic farm animals, Mack is making Bot (as in robot) boxes and Fisher is making tiny scenes with fake snow, glitter and teeny plastic figures. Nothing makes me prouder than to see my kids with a glue gun. Joe (our 18 month old) is busy climbing anywhere he can get access.

We survived our first specimen dissections (owl pellets, cow's eye and a starfish). I've noticed a bit of a slow down after the last dissection. I guess one can only take so much dissection at a time.

Today, we received a package with Zola's Red Rider BB gun-only it's pink. Mack received my husband's childhood Red Rider so it was only fair that Zola get one as well. They have had such a great time creating targets and practicing their aim. It has also led to a lot of constructive discussions about safety and respect for guns. When I had my first son, I was hell bent that we would not have fire arms or anything that even slightly resembled a gun in our house. I even ordered squirt "animals" online before ordering online was convenient or affordable. Then, one day when Mack (my oldest son) was 2, he took a bite of his toast, pointed it at me and said "bang bang". I then realized that this would be a part of our lives and better to face it head on and talk about it -Really talk about it. As long as we don't receive and "frag-il-e" packages and no one "shoots their eye out," we'll be ok.


  1. Heeheehee. Also watch out for "soap poisoning"!

    And who are these kids in these pictures? They can't be yours, because they're so BIG.

  2. Hey there Cuz-
    Can you believe they're shootin'? Will try to catch up with you these next couple of days. I'm getting ready for the craft show and wishing I had 1 million more hours to make treasures. Hope you're feeling better. the mom in me wishes I could have delivered chicken soup and a warm water bottle with some fancy crafted cover-in my spare time I would have whipped that sucker together.

  3. I want a pink Red Ryder bb gun! That is too cool...

    I can't wait to see you at Craftacular!