Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Bear Cub, Han Solo, the Alien and the Owl. Oh and Kevin.

Super Lou. Saucy went as Saucy Drew (due to her keen ability to detect any missing candy. Unfortunately Saucy eats all evidence. Sorry Nancy.)

Halloween was a whirlwind of getting home made costumes ready (especially encouragement for my kids to make their own-very wise words from a very dear friend!) and decorating the house in a "spooky " manner. The spooky part involved tacking up a 2 ft piece of printed plastic (a smiling skull) onto our dirty picture window. I must admit, it did look a bit ominous from across the street (one can't see dirty window from that distance) until the I realized that the bar that divides the top window from the bottom made the skull look like he has braces. Or some serious orthodontist equipment. By morning, I found the pricey piece of plastic ripped down from the window on the floor. I was sure that our 17 month old had ripped it down but as I found hundreds of tiny teeth marks along the perimeter, I realized that it was our cat Duke. Duke is truly the most mellow easy going cats I have ever met but he has a serious addiction to chewing on plastic materials. (Barnes & Noble bags are rated top notch with Target bags runner up). So much for reusing the "spooky" skull with braces for next year. The rest of the night was hectic but fairly effortless-well with a glass of red wine beforehand. Zola made her owl costume completely on her own and it turned out to be better than anything I could have hot glued together for her. She has such vision & patience. Mack was just thrilled to be trick or treating with one of his best friends and at the prospect of getting full size Snicker bars. Fisher thinks Halloween is the best day ever-he has always been a candy fiend. Joe was resistant to the face paint needed in making him into a little bear cub but we distracted him with a preemptive piece of candy (or "gacko" as he refers to it as) as he was blissfully content to have anything drawn on his cherub cheeks.

The kids built a scary graveyard from graham crackers and candy (it was devoured by boys and beagles by sundown the next day) We also picked out our pumpkins at Kalscheur's farm (the perfect size with just the right number of animals to make one feel like we authentically picked pumpkins).

The day after Halloween felt exhausting. We have all (well, me, my husband, our oldest and our youngest) been recovering from whatever viral nastiness has been surrounding the rest of the world in nasty contagion cloud of congestion, fevers & just plain crumminess. One highlight amidst all the ho hum of just trying to feel better was the arrival of Kevin. Kevin, is a monarch butterfly that emerged from his found cocoon. Zola brought home the cocoon after finding it blowing in the wind under a basil leaf. The butterfly hatched and we released him on a gorgeous fall day only to find him huddled against our garage the next day. We placed him in a large Snyder's pretzels container (Costco size) with air holes at the top and some sugar water. So far, he appears to be doing alright. We have taken him out to clean out his habitat and he flies around a bit. After examining him, his bottom wings look like they never developed correctly. They look like crinkled crepe paper. So, until a warmer day when we can try to release him , we'll continue to refill his sugar water and ripe fruit and to learn as much as we can about rehabilitating butterflies.

The kids are really excited that we ordered a dissection kit (I hope I have the stomach I did back in college) We plan on dissecting an owl pellet, a cow's eye, an earthworm, a starfish, a clam and a frog. We'll keep you posted on the dissection front once they arrive.

We have been doing lots of crafting these days in preparation for the upcoming Craftacular on November 28th. I have so many ideas but I just don't have the time or little elves to make it all happen. I will pick and choose once the weekend is over and I'm able to really evaluate what is doable. My daughter and I visited Anthropologie for inspiration tonight. Some day when I'm all grown up, maybe my house will resemble the storefront windows. It was such a thrill to share the store with Zola. She is so present to all of the amazing trinkets and colors. I never imagined that Anthropologie could get better but having her with me raised the bar. We couldn't walk away empty handed-we bought a lovely metal hedgehog ring holder (oh so practical and how could we resist?), a metal "D" paper weight for my husband's bday and as Zola pointed out has double meaning for Dad & David and 2 clearanced dish towels that I plan on crafting into pillows for our bed. Remember the Mixed up File of Basil E. (can't remember the rest of the title) where the kids spent the night in the art museum? I could spend the night at Anthropologie.

One last mention: I've decided that it is crucial for me to add the moments of embarrassing truth/shame/confessions to my archives so that I will be able to truly remember everything in all of its realness. I'm calling it The Index. I sincerely hope that I will have readers/followers/friends after writing it. As my husband stated, once he enters our door, he can't think about anything else because being home consumes him entirely. Did I mention that my kids found a shrew today?


  1. I really don't know how you can write so coherently at 12:31..I'd be so punch drunk that I would certainly have nothing that made any sense! I love Zozo's owl mask. What a scary crew you must have had wondering the streets, but what fun memories. So, my only question is,who will take on the task of taming the shrew?

  2. Snooks would happily offer however in a twisted plot she would simply eat it!