Tuesday, November 24, 2009

An annual tradition

We completed our annual Thanksgiving chocolate candy making session with a lot of help from our youngest, Joe. Zola wins the prize for staying involved and interested in making the candies. The boys made one candy (in hopes they could eat it immediately) and focused the remainder of the time on scoping out any remnant chocolate or toffee pieces. Based on how jacked up they were on sugar, they were very successful in their search. It was a win win situation for all.


  1. did mack and fisher MAKE those candies they are holding? Wow! I'm impressed! will you share your recipe? I think my sugar hounds over here would enjoy doing this. :)

  2. The candies they are holding are fakes Teresa! They decided it was more fun to bail out of the candy making and show the camera their newly acquired alien figure and gummy Mario candy from Party City. A wise investment made with their allowance money. The candy making is really fun though-would love to share the very, very simple recipe.