Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Homemade Pie, Tiki Men and Apples

Peeking into the past
"Tiki Men" as my kids have coined them. They have found at least 10 of them so far. A true mystery in our neighborhood.

We have had so many things just occurring lately that it has been hard to find the right time to blog. I so wish I could bottle these moments-I realize that someday, I may not quite remember what the Tiki Men that my kids have been finding around our neighborhood pond, look like. I won't remember the time it took for us to make our homemade raspberry pie (so fun to make with my little Zozo) and how amazing it tasted!

We also had a chance to visit my husband's Uncle's property-a beautiful sacred place with Native American Effigy Mounds in Muscoda, WI. We were in awe over the sacred mounds created. During the Fall Solstice, the Corn Woman appears as if she is giving birth to the sun at sunrise. The mounds that can be seen across the horizon indicate what crops should be harvested. How were the mounds created? The patience it must have taken to make such works of art. We had a chance to pick "potaters" (as my 2nd youngest son calls them) from the earth and gorgeous Gladiolas and Zinnias.

We also visited Ski Hi apples to grab a bag of apples and enjoy a carmel apple on site. While there, we peeked into the old estate or cabin that was built back before 1900. You peek into the windows and you feel as if you're transported back into time. Imagine what the mama of the estate saw out her window-the pies she baked-the apples she picked-the connections she made with her little chicks. Experiences like this ground me. They remind of the moments when things seem so busy to slow down and appreciate the view.

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